Installation of YesWiki

(cercopitheque - 2022-03-07-1)

Fill the form below

Default language
Language used by default for YesWiki's interface, you still can change language for each page created
Title of your website
This can be a WikiName or any title which will appear on every browser's window or tab
The description of your website which will appear in the HTML code (metas)
Keywords which will appear in the HTML code (metas)
Home page from your YesWiki. Must be a WikiName
(must be a WikiName)
Database configuration
MySQL server host
IP address or network name of the computer containing your MySQL server
MySQL database name
This database should exist before installation
MySQL username
Required to access your database
Table prefix
Permits to install several YesWiki on one unique database : every YesWiki installed must have a different table prefix
Creation of the administrator account
Administrator account can
  • Modify and delete any page
  • Modify access rights on any page
  • Handle access rights on any action or handler
  • Handle groups, add or delete users to the admin group (to have the same rights then him)

All admin tasks are described in the page "AdministrationDeYesWiki" accessible from the homepage

(must be a WikiName)
(should contain at least 5 alphanumerical characters)
Additional options

URL redirect

This is a fresh installation. The program will try to find appropriate values automaticaly. Only change them if you know what you are doing.

The names of pages will be added after the base URL of your YesWiki website. Delete the "wakka.php?wiki=" only if you use redirection (see below).

The "automatic redirection" mode must be select only if you are using YesWiki with redirection of URLs (if you don't know what it is, don't activate this option).

Other options